Reakiro is an ambitious company made up of a team of professionals who believe in our core values of rentroducting hemp and supporting millions of people around te world in enjoying a healthier life the way mother nature intended.

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Immune Support Gel Capsules 60 pcs

Boost Immune System with Reakiro`s Immune Capsules. Infused with Vitamins D & A to help boost your immune system. Hemp Seed oil which is rich in fatty acids Omega 3 & 6, turmeric, and echinacea.

Hemp CBD Gel Capsules 30 pcs 300 mg CBD

All the goodness of our premium quality full-spectrum CBD oil wrapped up in one convenient gel capsule: 10mg CBD per сapsule CBD gel capsules offer you the on-the-go versatility you need while supplying you with all the health benefits to carry through.

Hemp CBD Gel Capsules 60 pcs 1500 mg CBD

CBD gel capsules are made from just three simple, natural, and effective ingredients: our premium CBD from hemp extract, MCT oil, and pharmaceutical grade gelatin. If you love the benefits of CBD oil, but you’re not so keen on the earthy taste, these capsules are your answer. Easy to carry and easy to swallow, this product will provide you with the necessary daily support.

Hemp CBD Gel Capsules 30 pcs 750 mg CBD

Since our CBD capsules are pre-measured, you’re getting the same amount of 25 mg CBD with every capsule you take. Reakiro CBD capsules are produced using high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil.

Hemp CBD Gel Capsules 30 pcs 1500 mg CBD

Our most strong CBD capsules for sale contain a total CBD content of 1500 mg, equating to 50mg per single capsule. Our CBD gel capsules can be integrated as part of your regular routine, by taking the capsules regularly with food, you can enjoy the best support.

Hemp CBD Capsules with Piperine 450 mg

Incorporating CBD into your lifestyle is now easier than ever before. Reakiro’s vegan CBD capsules will help you ensure you have an even and consistent dosage every day. 15 mg of CBD per capsule.