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Comprehensive Introduction to CBD and Hemp oil
All of this gets us to finally being able to discuss the major subject of this article, CBD in it's oil form. Before going in depth about it's specifics, let's clarify the common CBD oil vs Hemp Oil differentiation. While both are rich in different types of cannabinoids, and some times this maybe nothing more than a labelling difference for the same product, it's common to call CBD oil a product with a less broad extraction(less cannabinoids and lacking most terpenes) and Hemp oil a more broad extraction(with most of the cannabinoids and terpenes). It's common to call the later a Full-Spectrum CBD Oil(or Broad Spectrum CBD Oil) as well, because it tries to extract the complete set of terpenes and cannabinoids from the Hemp Plant. Notice that CBD Oils are always extracted from the Hemp strain of the cannabis plant and are THC free as such.