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Featured products

Hemp CBD Gel Capsules 30 pcs 1500 mg CBD

Our most strong CBD capsules for sale contain a total CBD content of 1500 mg, equating to 50mg per single capsule. Our CBD gel capsules can be integrated as part of your regular routine, by taking the capsules regularly with food, you can enjoy the best support.

Reakiro Raw Hemp Extract RxPEN 1000 mg

Raw Hemp Extract is perfect for those who want naturally extracted CBD product, complete with terpenes.

Reakiro CBD oil 1500 mg

Enjoy this premium quality, non-psychoactive Reakiro CBD oil supplement to your everyday diet and get all the benefits of the hemp plant in one bottle just as nature intended!

CBD Oil Spray Apple Crumble & Custard 1000 mg

Warm and freshly baked, taste your favourite cold-weather desert in this new CBD oil spray. Treating your body with the kindness of CBD oil is an experience that can only be improved with the complementary sweet and delectable flavour of apple crumble and custard.

Moisturising Day Face Cream 500 mg CBD, 50 ml

A powerful moisturising cream enriched with 500 mg of CBD and complimenting ingredients such as vitamin E, Aquaxyl, Squalane oil, Rosemary extract and natural Apricot seed oil. The potent mix of vitamins and antioxidants work to care for skin gently but effectively, without causing irritation. The perfect day cream fights skin-damaging free radicals and prevents skin aging. This moisturiser works wonders to hydrate skin and keep it looking youthful.

0% THC Warming Muscle Relief Gel 500mg CBD, 100ml

After you push your body to the max, it’s important to get your circulation flowing in recovery mode. This process is helped along by the warm and fiery properties of Smart Restart warming gel.

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At Hempeno, your safety is our utmost priority. We work tightly with our suppliers guaranteeing the whole production process is heavily controlled. From hemp seed to the process of CBD extraction, we abide to all safety guidelines and provide per batch lab results. We work hard to respect the trust you place in ourselves and work hard to deliver the best cbd oil and derived products.
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  • No pesticides
  • No heavy metals
  • Gluten free
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  • Non GMO
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  • Less than 0.2% THC
  • Lab tested
  • Reputable suppliers
  • Certified seeds
  • Full transparency